6 tips to create the perfect home workout space

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If you are serious about working out from home, it’s worth setting up a dedicated exercise space. This can help you stay consistent with your fitness goals. Using my 6 tips to create the perfect home workout space you will be able to set up a great space and get going!

Here are my top 6 tips to create the perfect home workout space

1. Dedicate a safe space

Create a home workout space that suits the type of workout you enjoy. If you like low impact activities such as Pilates, Yoga or Barre style workouts then a small space will be fine. You will need enough space to lie down on your yoga mat and extend your arms out to the sides and overhead.

If you prefer Hiit or cardio workouts you may need extra room to move around in. Also check your ceiling height if you will be jumping, you don’t want to knock yourself out!

Another thing to consider is noise. If you can workout at ground level you won’t need to worry much but if you have neighbours below you may want to wear headphones and perhaps choose lower impact options.

2. Consider your flooring

If your workout space is on a hard floor (e.g. concrete or wood) and you enjoy high impact training you may find your joints get sore. These types of floors do not absorb the impact when you jump.

It is worth investing in some interlocking foam mats to add cushioning or even Plyometric mats which offer even better joint protection.

If you are mainly going to do Pilates or yoga then a yoga or Pilates mat will be enough. If you know your joints are sensitive then go for a thicker more cushioned mat. And if your mat slides around, a rug runner underneath can solve the problem.

create a home workout space equipment

3. Basic equipment

You don’t need to spend major money on equipment. Start with a few basics. Once you know what workouts you are planning to do you may like to consider a few of the following small pieces of equipment.

Yoga, Pilates mat and accessories

If you are just starting with Yoga or Pilates routine I would suggest a mat, yoga or Pilates blocks and a yoga strap. I use Yogi Bare Wild paws, natural rubber extreme grip yoga mat for both yoga and Pilates. I love it. It is by far the best mat I have owned and it is really pretty! If you would like to know more about this eco friendly yoga mat Click Here

Resistance bands

I love resistance bands- they give you a great workout, are affordable, portable and come in different resistances. If you are new to working out they are a great way to get started with training as well as useful if you are injured.

Kettle Bells and dumb bells

Both kettle bells and dumb bells are really great for strength training. You only need one kettle bell to do a full body workout too!

Suspension cables

Suspension cables like TRX are great if you don’t have much storage space. They are a multifunctional option. I use mine regularly with PT clients as they are suitable for all levels of fitness. and can be used attached to a door frame too!

create a home workout space. woman exercising watching laptop

4. Music/TV/Laptop

If you are using a TV or laptop for your workout, make sure you can see the screen clearly and the device is a safe distance away to avoid accidents. And if you are doing your own workouts why not create playlists with your favourite tracks? This will motivate you through your workout and increase your enjoyment.

5. Storage space

It is a really good idea to keep your exercise space clear and free from clutter so you can just focus on getting started with your workout. If you can, store your equipment in baskets, boxes or storage units near your space for easy access.

create a home workout space atmosphere candles

6. Create a good atmosphere!

A pleasant space makes a big difference to motivation levels. Natural light and fresh air can boost our mood, as can plants oil diffusers and candles.

A mirror can help correct our body body positioning and improve body awareness. Even motivational quotes can add encouragement.

Find out what works for you!

Creating a space that you like and feel comfortable working out in is essential to making home workouts work!

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I hope you have found these 6 tips to create the perfect home workout space helpful!

Have you tried any of these tips? I’d love to know!

<b>Author:</b> Claire Vanstone
Author: Claire Vanstone

Yoga, Pilates and fitness have been part of my life for over 10 years and have changed shapes within that time. All have helped me grow stronger physically and mentally, and help me through tough times in my life.

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