About Me

I am here to help you find a healthy fitness routine that fits and flows with your every day life through Yoga, Pilates and Fitness.
‘My aim is for you to come away from classes feeling refreshed, energised and uplifted.’

Claire Vanstone Fitness
Claire Vanstone
Fit & Flow Life Bournemouth

My Practice

Yoga, Pilates and fitness have been part of my life for over 10 years and have changed shapes within that time. All have helped me grow stronger physically and mentally, and help me through tough times in my life.
Yoga continues to inspire me and teach me so much about myself and what I am capable of, Pilates has taught me to listen to my body and I would not be here teaching if it wasn’t for fitness classes that gave me the passion to change my life and begin to teach. It led me to want to share my knowledge and help others.

My Studies

I completed my 200 hour Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Himalaya Yoga Valley and continue my studies with them. I have additionally studied with Pranamaya and taken Yin Yoga The functional approach with internationally acclaimed Yoga master Paul Grilley.

I will always be a student, I enjoy learning, and expanding my knowledge more and more. It is never ending.
I am lucky enough to have been taught by some of the most amazing and knowledgeable teachers and am so thankful that they share their passion and wisdom with me.

I am also qualified in Mat based Pilates, Personal training, Exercise design for pre and Postnatal clients and Exercise referral as well as many other courses. (circuit designs, Kettlebells, TRX)

My Classes

My classes are a fun mix of exercises or asanas and you will find dumb bell and Kettlebell classes too with low impact cardio as I believe having a balance of these will help you stay healthy, motivated and consistent as well as all the health benefits of lifting weights and working up a sweat!

I design classes that help to build strong foundations whether that is core stability, mobility, strength, flexibility or breathing. They are suitable for mixed abilities as well as beginners with options for all. No matter your experience or ability there will be an option for you.

My aim is for you to come away from classes feeling refreshed, energised and uplifted. In turn helping to improve your mood, physical function and feel balanced in your body.

Fit and Flow...

“This is why I am here right now sharing with you, to help you build your health and fitness routine. Connecting you to what fits and flows with your everyday life. Whether helping you start your health and fitness journey or continue on and adding to it.”

Things I Love…

Savasana, Slow flows, strengthening my body and mind, stretching my body, resting, being warm and cosy, Travel, The sea, the island of Bali, lots of Rice, veggies, baked potatoes, smoothie bowls, fresh coconuts, Eating plants, reading, learning about the body, LAUGHTER, hugs, helping others, Love, kindness, friendships, family, being quiet and still, making jewellery, Paddle boarding, Sleep, music and meditations….Being content

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